DID YOU KNOW – Carnitine, although not an essential amino acid, helps your body use fatty acids for energy.  The body makes small amounts of carnitine, but if it’s not enough, fatty acids aren’t processed normally, and urinary excretion of the by-product adipate and suberate increases.  Ethylmalonate, which comes from a differen carnitine-dependent pathway, would also accumulate with carnitine insufficiency. 

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DID YOU KNOW – that Butterbur extract may help those who suffer with Migraines?  This recommendation comes from the American Academy of Neurology and the American Headache Society, based on a review of studies from the past decade.  Of all alternative therapieis evaluted, the herb butterbur (Petasites hybridus) was the only one “established as effective” in reducing the frequency and severity of migraines.  The herb feverfew (specifically an extract called MIG-99), magnesium and riboflavin were rated as “probably effective.”  But the evidence for omega-3s and other herbal or nutrient supplements was inadequate or conflicting.  Look for purified butterbur extracts that have no detectable levels of alkaloids – the German-made Petadolex is considered safe.  Don’t use butterbur if you’re pregnant, nursing, or are allergic to plants in the daily family. 

It should also be noted that frequently food allergies and/or intolerances aggravate this condition and or may even cause them.  The other area to check out besides specific foods, it knowing if and where you are nutrient deficient. 

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well-known fruit – grapefruit  may be your next best friend!  Grapefruit contains a powerful food component called naringinin.  Naringenin is the abundant flavonoid which is responsible for the bitter taste in grapefruit.

In addition to the grapefruit’s ability to protect against arteriosclerosis and reduce plaque progression, it also stops clots by changing the genes that control clotting. It even gets better!  Grapefruit improves insulin s ensitivity for diabetics, naturally controls the cholestrol and improves vascular function

So how much grapefruit should you eat?  Half a grapefruit a day has been enough to help get the benefits mentioned above.  So, do your body a great favour and eat at least half a grapefruit every day.

NOTE:   There are many medications that have the potential to react to grapefruit.  If you would like a list of these medications, drop me a line: and it will be my gift to you. 

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Astaxanthin: is the defining natural miracle on the 21st century?  Have you heard the recent rumblings over this NEW natural gift?  

This one breakthrough is showing the ability to help keep your heart pumping powerfully, your vision clear as crystal, your brain witty and fast – and so much more.   If you want the complete story that I’ve written, just let me know:   Astaxanthin has the strength to hunt down age-inducing free radicals like you’ve never seen before.  And now n ew technology is allowing experts to cultivate it for our anti-aging population.  We all are going to age whether we like this reality or not, but for me, I’m fighting back in every area I can – how about you?

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