For Women Only: How Confused Are YOU?

FWOIt is often necessary to make a decision on the basis of knowledge sufficient for action but insufficient to satisfy the intellect.-Immanuel Kant-

The area of women’s health is highly controversial. We’re told that premenstrual syndrome and hypoglycemia are all in our heads, that there’s no way to prevent osteoporosis except by taking estrogen, and that menopausal symptoms are as inevitable as death and taxes.

During my years in practice I have seen hundreds of women eliminate premenstrual syndrome, arthritic pain, menopausal symptoms, fatigue, lose unwanted pounds and the list goes on. And those who have followed me for a while know that I was a total mess when I started my journey over 30-years ago – so believe me – I’ve been there and done most of it, and understand, for real!melissa-harris-perry-quotation

Nutrition is the health foundation not for the future – but for TODAY! It’s specific, sensible, possible to adopt into any lifestyle, and most important, it works. Clinical experience has shown it works not only on symptoms, but on the cause of health problems, which should be the goal. Specific nutrition that takes into account genetic makeup can bring specific results. We can’t generalize about a subject that varies from person to person, because contrary to advertising campaigns – we’re NOT one-size-fits-all.

In my practice I act as YOUR ‘Health Detective’ who must be thorough and look for bits of information that might not appear to be important. Sometimes they’re hidden, sometimes overlooked. My own search for good health has led me to this new personalized approach to what I believe proper healthcare should be in every healthcare office. Let me explain:

* You have specific vitamin and mineral requirements.

General nutrition is old nutrition. You’re not the same as everyone else, and your needs vary greatly. Find out what foods you need to restore your body to balance and maintain optimal good health.

WHRunning* You need to be able to digest the foods you eat.

Without proper digestion there can’t be complete absorption or utilization.

Poor digestion leaves you deficient in necessary nutrients and can either lead to health problems or prevent elimination of current problems.

* You do not need to take a lot of calcium.

You want the calcium you take to get where it’s needed. Hydrochloric acid (HCI) is required for calcium utilization, and magnesium helps move calcium into bones and other cells. If you are low in any mineral, it’s more likely to be magnesium than calcium. Without enough HCI and magnesium, calcium is likely to cause more problems than it can solve.

* You need some good fats in your diet.

Essential fatty acids (EFAs), found in healthy organic oils, omega 3s, etc. which are needed by all cells and are necessary for good health. To keep slim, some women are eliminating all fats from their diet. However, a low-fat diet should include good fats. Premenstrual syndrome and menstrual cramps are only two indicators that you may lack EFAs.images (1)

Of these mentioned areas, the calcium issue is undoubtedly the most startling and controversial. Doctors who use little nutrition in their practices and rely on older information learned in medical school will argue that you need more calcium. Those who read nutritionally oriented medical journals will be familiar with the approach described here. Because the calcium controversy affects most women, I have chosen to share this information as an example of how and why I practice this new way.

My individually designed HealthTest(©) profile determines deficiencies (using over 300 questions you answer). This is only one of many questionnaires and/or laboratory work-ups to help you reach your health goals. Again, we’re NOT a one-size-fits all society. We are as unique as our fingerprints and only when we understand how our unique body functions can a proper food and supplements program be designed to fit your individual needs. It’s a complicated process which I have made very easy for my patients to understand.


With the contemporary mandate to be thin, many women have turned to diets that emphasize protein, fats, or vegetables, often to the exclusion of other foods. These diets forbid certain essential nutrients and throws our bodies nutritionally off balance. Most significant, perhaps, is the fact that these diets never teach us how to eat for our particular body needs. One popular diet based on food combining and large quantities of fruit resulted in massive sugar consumption.

While fruit is certainly wholesome and contains natural sugars, women with premenstrual syndrome, hypoglycemia, and allergies found that this diet caused such problems as dizziness, fatigue, bloating, and sore breasts. A great many found that their initial weight loss reversed when they returned to eating normally.

DianasForWomenOnlyAvatarGood health is an absence of disease and a state of balance.

Balance is found in food programs that contain a variety of whole foods, not a preponderance of one kind, such as many available advertised ‘DIE…ts”(TM) out today!.

Perhaps you can see more clearly now that no general diet can ever hope to give you what you need, and that no expert can generalize about nutrition and give you the specifics you must have to effect a major change in health. It’s important to understand your individual differences and to design a specific nutritional program that will take into consideration your age, genetic individuality, any existing health problems, and the nutritional needs unique to you as a woman. Your health concerns should not be something you wait to deal with, we all need to start thinking preventive healthcare!

Watch for my individualized At-Home interactive HealthTest© which just may be the greatest health tool and the beginning of you really start properly to – Plan for Tomorrow’s Good Health – TODAY!(Tm)

Dr. Rhonda

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