Fat Consumption Triggers Craving Chemicals |

Recent studies have revealed potato chips and french fries to be the worst contributors to weight gain – and with good reason. Have you ever wondered why you can’t eat just one chip or a single fry? It’s not just the carbohydrates at fault. These were my 2 favorites, no wonder I go to 311 pounds – see, it wasn’t my fault.

The Waste of Excessive Processing | Tom Meloche

Doing more work than is required to deliver the software is the waste of excessive processing. Waterfall software management techniques often encourage excessive processing. So do most agile software processes. You need to understand this waste and eliminate it from your projects.

Passover & Believers Today

Passover celebration is a powerful picture for Believers of the price Yeshua paid for our salvation and a reminder that He has promised to return. Every time we think of Passover, we should meditate on His role as the Lamb of God who came two take away the sins of the world (see John 1:29). He is the fulfillment of centuries of sacrifice, and with His death, no further sacrifices ever need to be made.