Father in the name of Jesus, I confess Your Word concerning healing. As do this, I believe and say that Your Word will not return to You void, but will accomplish what it says it will. Therefore, I believe in the name of Jesus that I am healed, according to 1 Peter 2:24. It is written in Your Word that Jesus himself took my infirmities and bore my sicknesses. Therefore, with great boldness and confidence I say on the authority of that written Word that I am redeemed from the curse of sickness, and I refuse to tolerate its symptoms.


flame retardants

The link below could help us save many lives by educating everyone we know regarding toxins in our homes.  Please make this a MUST see for anyone you love.  Until now there have been only a few documentaries on the dangers from chemicals in our lives.

Check this out NOW:

I think this will open of many to now understanding why were seeing so much illness.  It doesn’t mention that the Bromine and Chlorine in these flame retardants act just like Fluorine, as all of these halogens will compete with Iodine.  They all act to increase our relative deficiency of iodine and thus all lead to more thyroid problems and obesity but in addition PBDE’s also contribute to low energy levels, low fertility, cancer, auto immune disease, etc.

Know that this is just the tip of the iceberg but it’s very heavily documented or HBO would be sued. Chemical flame retardants are everywhere.  Our furniture.  Our homes.  Our bodies.  But do they work as promised?  And are they making us sick?

The 3 chemical companies producing flame retardants would prefer that we not ask these questions, and they’ve spent millions of dollars on lobbyists, publicists and influencers to ensure that we don’t.  It might remind you of the Big Tobacco cover-up.  Which makes sense, since Bit Tobacco has had a hand in this, too.

Set against the backdrop of the awards-winning 2012 Chicago Tribune investigative series “Playing with Fire,” TOXIC HOT SEAT threads together an intricate story of manipulation that details how Big Tobacco skillfully convinced fire safety officials to back a standard that, in effect, requires all furniture to be filled with toxic flame retardants.  The film continues to untangle how the chemical companies obscure the risks to public health and misrepresent chemical safety data by paying “experts” to alarm legislators and the public about the deadly risk of removing chemical flame retardants from our homes.

Through the personal stories of a cancer-surviving firefighter, a renowned chemist whose work helped remove fire retardants from kid’s pajamas in the 1970s, and a brave and determined young Maine legislator and mom, TOXIC HOT SEAT reveals the courage of brave citizens willing to fight for the truth against a shadowy nexus of money and politics.

Make sure you share this with everyone you know – we each have to take responsibility by saving our own lives and those we know and love.  Let’s stop the secretes.

Dr. Rhonda


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Whether it be Smokie your canine companion, or Mollie, Maygen, and Maxie Boy, my feline kids – or even if you have both – you’re most likely reaping health benefits by having then as your pet. Why?

Studies indicate that having a pet can help:

*      lower stress levels

*      decrease blood pressure

*      support healthy cholesterol levels

*       improve our moods

*       boost our immunity, and more

For example, many studies, including some via the National Institute of Health, say that dogs can offer great social support and stress relief – sometimes even better than family or friends can.  Additionally, some studies even say that having a dog can control blood pressure better than prescription d rugs are able to.  Then there’s the exercise aspect.  Those who own dogs exercise more consistently than those who don’t own dogs.

Some other health benefits from having a dog are:PetPerk1

  • increased longevity after having a heart attack
  • lowered cholesterol and triglycerides
  • improved blood pressure
  • reduction of irregular heartbeats, or arrythmias
  • improved blood vessel function
  • increased physical activity as well as physical functioning
  • reduction of minor health difficulties
  • improved mood
  • boost in self esteem
  • improved alertness and attention in elderly people who own pets

Having a cat as a pet has its perks, too.

A study by the Minnesota Stroke Institute, which followed more than 4,000 cat owners over a 10-year time period, found that owning a cat can greatly reduce a person’s chance of dying from heart disease.  In fact, the study found that those who don’t have cats were between 30 to 40 percent more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than cat owners were.  But were the same benefits found with owning dogs?  Not so, according to the study.


Other benefits of having a feline friend – some of which mirror the benefits of having a dog as a pet – include:

  • a reduction in heart attack and stroke risk
  • improved immune function
  • decreased chance of children developing allergies
  • helping to prevent asthma in children
  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • reduced blood pressure
  • low triglyceride and cholesterol levels
  • help with autism (in some instances) and depression

Likewise, pet ownership – in general – can reduce stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, can boost your immune system and can aid the management of pain.  Having a furry friend has also been found to reduce aggression, to build empathy and to improve learning, while  fostering a great sense of trust in others.  Additionally, owning a pet can speed recovery following surgery.

I can tell you that I recently had knee surgery and my cats took turns being with me, I was never alone, not for a moment – that’s true love and companionship.  So, if you haven’t thanked your pet lately for being such a wonderful companion, then give him or her an extra dose of appreciation and treats for being a great addition to your overall health.kitty

On a sad note.  I have tried for years to at least have cats in Senior Living Homes because of what I’ve just shared.  I even offered to buy the electric litter box and food.  People need something with a heart beat to hold and talk to.  So often children put their parents in homes and think that’s enough.  NO IT’S NOT!   Often when they’re left in these homes they start having more aches and pains, depression, etc., and what does that bring on – another toxic  prescription.  They don’t have a drug deficiency, they have a broken heart, no family, no visitors, etc., what they are is

human attention deficient.

We could start volunteering and visit a couple of times a month.  I promise, you will get more out of it than you ever expected.   Thinking about others, often takes our minds of ourselves, and that could be a very health move!

Dr. Rhonda

Always wanting to help you to –

Plan for Tomorrow’s Good Health – TODAY!


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Zinc deficiency has been shown to increase ischemic brain vulnerability, possibly due to the inappropriate glutamate release by brain cells through the NMDA receptor, according to a recent study.  The NMDA receptor is integral for controlling synaptic plasticity and memory formation.IT’S YOUR BRAIN

 The brain issues we’re hearing about today were never dealt with years ago.  It’s time we all looked at the foods that we’re ingesting and realize that most of the conditions/diseases we’re dealing with today are the chemicals in the foods we eat daily.  So, you don’t want to cook!  OK!  But what are you buying to put in your mouth – processed junk?  You’re health is up to YOU!  

 I really love you all and I want to shake you up so that you finally realized that the symptoms that most are dealing with today – aren’t normal – at least, check out my HealthTest©  – you may be astonished, excited and even wondering – why didn’t I do this before I spent all those hundreds of dollars of this and that because “they said.”

The FDA is Sharing Patients’ Private Medical Records Illegally!

Alert!_59538469The FDA is Sharing Patients’ Private Medical Records  to Harass Integrative Doctors

 Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA) has learned that the FDA is working with state medical boards behind the scenes – sometimes in violation of the law.

 According to our sources, professional medical boards are launching investigative actions against integrative physicians not because of patient complaints, but because of materials forwarded to them by the FDA before they are made public.  These boards are treating the FDA documents as if they were formal complaints.

In other words, the US Food and Drug Administration, which is barred from interfering with the practice of medicine, is in fact deliberately but secretly ignoring the rules – something practitioners and consumers alike need to be warned about.

We suspect, but cannot yet prove, that this is widespread and is being orchestrated by a shadowy private group called the Association of State Medical Boards.

Today we will offer just a few examples:fda-ignores-patient-rights

One doctor in Louisiana was accused by the FDA of not following his IND (investigational new drug study) protocol involving stem cells.  The state’s medical board – prompted by the FDA – then went after his license.  In the end, the doctor kept his license by signing a consent agreement.  Demanding the signing of an onerous consent decree is a favored government tactic.  Because the government has unlimited legal funds, it can threaten to bankrupt the doctor if the decree is not signed, and then include provisions in the decree that are not only humiliating but difficult to follow, so that further charges can be threatened or filed.

The system sometimes works in reverse as well.  The California medical board notified the FDA about a possible contamination problem with intravenous garlic that a doctor was using to treat lyme disease.  The FDA started its own investigation and obtained the patients’ private information, it them handed the patient records over to the medical board, exposing the patients’ private information.  This is illegal in California, but sadly, not in most other states, where a state board may obtain patients’ medical records without their consent.

Judge-with-GavelIn response, a case was filed in Sacramento on behalf of the patients whose medical records were improperly given to the board by the FDA.  For strategic reasons, it was a narrow action: the suit went after the medical board and its agents, not the FDA.  California’s constitution includes the right to privacy, which the courts have interpreted to mean that absent explicit consent from the patient, the medical board has to prove good cause for a request for private records.

There are other areas in which the FDA is aggressively interfering in the practice of medicine. The agency assets that one’s own stem cells, when used in a medical procedure, are drugs – and therefore to be regulated as drugs.  For example, a Colorado company offered a treatment in which stem cells were isolated from the patients’ bone marrow, processed, and the resulting cells injected back into the same patient to treat joint pain.  The FDA said the company was “manufacturing, holding for sale, and distribution of (sic) an unapproved biological drug product, “ and issued an injunction  to stop the treatment.  The company sued, but the court sided with the FDA, stating that the biological characteristics of stem cells are changed enough in the procedure that they warrant regulation by the FDA.  The company plans to appeal the ruling.cartoon_bigPharma2

In another attempt to regulate the human body, FDA tried to claim human excrement as a drug.  No, we’re not kidding.  There’s a medic al procedure to treat gut infections by implanting the intestine with healthy bacteria from healthy family member-donors’ fecal matter.  FDA said the stools were unregulated drugs, and would require investigational new drug applications and would have to be taken through the extraordinary expensive approval process before doctors could continue to perform the procedure.  In June, as a direct result of embarrassing publicity, the FDA said they won’t enforce the new requirement, after all.

Information such as this and others that I share on my online weekly radio shows is starting to have people who were never involved in the natural health field, to take notice of how we the people are being manipulated and used as experiments which the food and drug companies with their friendship and financial rewards to the powers that be, are getting wealthier by the minute – of course, at our expense.  Dr. Rhonda

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circadian_rhythmDid you know – Melatonin is known as a potent antioxidant as well as the hormone responsible for maintaining our circadian rhythm and healthy sleep cycles

As an antioxidant, melatonin was shown to protect cells and their fragile DNA from the damaging effects of both low and high frequeny radiation, according to current research.

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