Cell Phones Linked to Brain Cancer |

A growing body of evidence suggests that cell phones dramatically raise your risk for developing brain cancer. The latest findings, published online in the journal Pathophysiology, confirm the cell phone linked to cancer find, and will hopefully convince you to educe your cell phone use and star using an effective wired headset to shield you from harmful cell phone waves.

Alcohol May Lower Sperm Quality! |

Alcohol intake is linked to lower sperm quality, according to a cross-sectional study of young Danish men published in BMJ Open. Adverse effects on semen can be seen at levels as low as 5 drinks per week, although the trend is more pronounced among men who drink more than 25 units per week, the researchers report. However, at least one expert remains unconvinced of the association.

Artificial sweeteners linked to glucose intolerance

Finally – They’re Getting It! I’ve been warning people about this for years – so now the world will know and hopefully STOP using it or buying anything with it! Mom – that means to watch what you let your kids eat and drink! The artificial sweeteners aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin cause blood glucose abnormalities in mice and some humans, a team reports in an article published in Nature. The changes in glucose tolerance seem to e driven by the microbiome and can be reproduced in germ-free mice by giving them gut microbes from a person who has consumed the sweeteners… Continue reading here: http://drrhondahenry.com/artificial-sweeteners-linked-to-glucose-intolerance/