Good Sex Requires Proper Nutrition!

 FOR MEN (And those who care about them)

Good Sex 1A satisfying sex life requires a healthy body, which depends on sound nutrition, exercise, and sufficient rest.  For the most part, sexual function is controlled by the endocrine glands, which secrete specific hormones.  In order to function properly and produce sufficient hormones, these glands have certain nutritional needs.

The pituitary gland has both direct and indirect effects on sexual and reproductive functions.  Its hormones need the B-complex vitamins, pantothenic acid, niacin, vitamin E and zinc.  Any deficiency of the pituitary causes underdeveloped sex organs, and impotence in men.

The adrenal glands, produce a small but significant amount of sex hormones.  These glands need vitamin A, the B vitamins, pantothenic acid, vitamin B-1, niacin, vitamin C and E, and the unsaturated fatty acids.  Adrenal exhaustion can result in little strength or desire for sex.  An inadequately supplied thyroid can also cause a lack of desire or strength for sex.  Iodine, the V vitamins, vitamin B-1, and vitamin E are essential for the production of its hormone, thyroxine.

Good sex 2The male sex gland, the testes, are composed of 2 glands; one secretes testosterone and the other produces sperm.  (Testosterone increased sexual desire in both sexes.)  Vitamins A, C, E, and folic acid work with testosterone to produce sperm and other male characteristics such as a deep voice and facial hair.  The nutrient content of sperm includes calcium, magnesium, zinc, sulfur, and vitamin B-12, C, and inositol.  A deficiency of vitamin E causes a degeneration of the testicles; too-low levels of zinc result in immovable, useless and infertile sperm.  In male laboratory animals, a manganese deficiency causes loss of sex drive, lack of semen, and degeneration of the seminal tubules.  Testosterone levels proportionately decrease with the amount of marijuana smoked.

The sex hormones are made from cholesterol.  Cholesterol-containing foods need not be limited as long as the body has sufficient amounts of the other nutrients needed to properly metabolize the cholesterol.  These include wthe vitamins B-complex, C, and E, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and lecithin.  Refined and processed foods are greatly lacking in these nutrients; in their absence cholesterol is unable to enter wthe cells and remains in the blood, eventually helping to form plaques.

Good sex 3

Impotence, the male’s inability to achieve erection of the penis has been related to a magnesium or a combined zinc and vitamin B-6 deficiency.  Other factors associated with impotence are emotional problems, physical illness such as diabetes, and the intake of drugs and alcohol.  Although levels of testosterone decrease with age, this doesn’t cause erectile impotence because the penis requires only minimal amounts of the hormone for successful operation.

Sterility can occur in the male and is often the result of a zinc deficiency.  Studies have shown that the higher the blood histamine level is in men, the quicker the ejaculation.  Men too low in histamine can’t achieve ejaculate prematurely.

Good sex 5

Sexual desire and performance can be adversely affected by numerous things including drugs, alcohol, cigarette smoking, caffeine, some common medicines such as certain tranquilizers, anti-hypertensives, and anticholinergics.

Perhaps you can see more clearly now that no general diet. can ever hope to give you what you need and no expert can generalize about nutrition and give you the specifics you must have to effect a major change in health, and I’ve only discussed one issue today.  It’s important to understand that your individual differences required the correct and specific nutritional program that will take into consideration:

            *   your age

            *   genetic individuality

            *   any existing health problems,   and

*   the nutritional needs unique to YOU, as a man


Sex 6To Conclude:

Nutrient deficiencies are an epidemic in our society and it’s vital to find out where you stand so that you can become nutrient sufficient.  To this end, in a few weeks you will have the opportunity of checking out my “heart project” it’s called; Dr. Henry’s HealthTest© .  It’s helped thousands of people over the years, recently, completely updated, including its copywrite and for the first time I’m offering it to the general public so that we can all –

STOP, The Food & Vitamin Guessing Game!(TM)  Each test is individually designed based on the answers you give. Not only that, but if you’re low or very-low in any nutrient you will receive a complete explanation and a list of foods in that particular category.  If that’s not enough – I will design the right food program for you, again, based on your answers and you won’t have to count calories, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, etc.  I’ve done all the work for you .and so much more.Good sex4

Who but an ex-311 pounder could have thought of all this?

Now you have no excuses – that is – if you’re interested in – Planning for Tomorrow’s Good Health – TODAY!(TM)

Dr. Rhonda



Even a mild level of iodine deficiency during pregnancy is associated with adverse effects on the resulting child’s cognitive development, according to a study of 1040 mothers and their offspring in the United Kingdom.

20130130172235_IntelligentKidScientist389x271Iodine, linked to the production of thyroid hormones, is known to be essential for a healthy fetal brain and neurological development, and the World Health Organization (WHO) in fact refers to its deficiency as “the single most important preventable cause of brain damage worldwide.”iodinesafe_image

While the WHO warning refers largely to severe deficiency, the new study, published in Lancet, shows that even mild iodine deficiency in utero is linked to lower IQ and suboptimal reading ability in children.

“Women should be aware of the need for an adequate iodine intake in pregnancy – requirements almost double at this life stage,” said senior author Margaret Rayman, Dphil, codirector of the Nutritional Medicine MSc Program at the University of Surrey, Guildford, United Kingdom.

iodine-legend“Our sizable study adds to the sparse scientific literature describing the possible in utero effects of mild to moderate iodine deficiency,” she and her colleagues write.  “We have shown that risk of suboptimum cognitive scores in children is not confined to mothers with very low iodine status … but that iodine -to-creatine ratios that would suggest mild to moderate deficiency are also associated with heightened risk.”

What I have found strange for years is that mos allopathic doctor don’t even think of testing their patient’s iodine.  I’ve been automatically testing iodine for many years and more often than not, it’s low.  Actually, I give all my patient’s a home test so that they can test their thyroid and iodine at home.  I work in partnership with my patient’s, we need to work together to get the picture just right!

First Trimester is Key Stage for Adequate Iodine Intake:

Recently, doctors writing in Thyroid have drawn attention to the fact that iodine deficiency is still a problem in much of the world, including the United States.  Finally, they may be getting it!iodine4a

For this study, led by Sarah C. Bath, PhD, from the University of Surrey, the researchers evaluated mother-child pairs from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) cohort, focusing on urinary iodine concentration, as well as creatinine to correct for urine volume, among the stored samples from 1050 first-trimester, as well as a measure of IQ for the offspring at 8 years of age.

The group as a whole was found to have mild to moderate iodine deficiency, with a median urinary concentration of 9l.l ug/L (iodine/creatine ratio 110 ug/g.

Based on WHO guidelines on recommended concentrations of iodine during pregnancy, the researchers classified iodine/creatine ratios of less than 150up/g as being iodine deficient and a ratio of 150 ug/g or more as iodine sufficient.

After adjustment for 21 socioeconomic, parental, and child factors, including parental education and breast-feeding, the researchers found women with iodine/creatinine ratios of less than 150 ug/g were more likely to have children with scores in the lowest quartile for verbal IQ.

The children’s scores worsened when the deficient group (less than 150 ug/g) was further divided into 50 to 150 ug/g and less than 50 ug/g.

“Our study is the first to show an association between mild to moderate maternal iodine deficiency in UK pregnant women and impaired cognitive outcomes in their children at ages 8 to 9 years.  Iodine deficiency in pregnant women in the UK should be treated as an important public-health issue that needs attention,” Dr. Bath and colleagues assert.  And I so do agree!

According to WHO guidelines, pregnant and breast-feeding women are recommended an intake of 50 ug of iodine per day, compared with the recommendation of 150 ug for adults who are not pregnant.  “Women of childbearing age and especially those planning a pregnancy should enter pregnancy with good iodine stores in the thyroid from a diet rich in iodine sources prior to pregnancy.  It’s likely that the most important time to have good iodine intake is the first trimester.” noted Dr. Rayman.

 Eat Wild Seafood, Drink Organic Milk, and Avoid Kelp Supplements:

iodine nerdThe authors note that previous research has linked low maternal seafood intake with low verbal IQ scores in children, which supports their findings because seafood has high iodine content.  However, at lest 1 prior study has suggested that the effects of seafood in pregnancy on child cognition may be due to long-chain omega-3 fatty acids in fish.  To investigate this, they adjusted for such fatty acids in this new study; this made no difference to their findings, however.  They concluded that the fatty acids “are unlikely to be solely responsible for the effects of seafood on brain development.”

What’s so sad is that the food that most of us were brought up on are not the same foods we are given today.  If you’re interested in this subject may I suggest you check out some of my online radio show – you will be educated and aware for sure!

Seafood that used to be great sources of iodine like: clams shrimp oysters, etc. are full of parasites, And lets not forget the radioactive materials that Japan has put into our oceans.  Buy and eat only “wild” fish.  Yes I know some of you are saying, does she mean tuna in the can also?  Yes friends, tuna in the can is full of mercury.  Remember, I’m only the messenger!Iodinechild2

Foods like eggs, milk, cheese, cream cottage cheese, beef liver, lamb beef, pineapple, peanuts, whole wheat bread, lettuce, spinach, green peppers, etc.  All used to be great sources, but no more!

Salt – vital to life –  blood pressure or no blood pressure!  Shock! Shock! Shock!  I know, but I’m telling you the truth.  The original salt that we had years ago had all the natural minerals included.  And NO, those varied ‘sea salt’ on the grocery shelf are poison.  You want and need salt and the only one I use and recommend is Celtic Salt.

brain-stock_620x350Well I could go on and on, but I don’t want to just give you a blog/newsletter and try to selling a 6-month supply of supplements – not my style.  What I want each and every person to do is to STOP, buying products that you don’t know if you really need them, what you need to take with them, what foods may interact with them, and how much to take for your specific weight, etc.

That’s why I practice nutritional science.   

Know what you need and the easiest way is to take my copywriten HealthTest – it will give you the answers you need to know:

*       Am I nutrient deficient?

*       Which ones am I low or very-low in?

*       How do I adjust my food plan to increase the correct foods?

*       Will I get a personalized food program?

*       Will I find out how to purchase the right supplements in the right balance?

*       Will this help me to lose weight?

*       And so much more…. check out my website.


Parents have to get their body in balance and usually when Mom and Dad are on the right program for them – the kids will shine in every way!


This is what my goal is, to help you all –

Plan for Tomorrow’s Good Health – TODAY!

Dr. Rhonda


Dr. Rhonda Henry

Doctor of Nutritional Science

Certified Traditional Chinese Practitioners

Specializing in

Preventive & Alternative HealthCare – NATURALLY!


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7-Hidden Household Toxins

 Do you really know what’s making you sick?

 bathroom   1.      Respiratory Toxins:

Our air is filled with both indoor and outdoor pollutants that wreak havoc on our basic effort to breath.  Corrosives in air conditioning units can cause asthma and bronchitis.  Dangerous ozone, carbon monoxide, pesticides, sulfur oxides and more have been linked to asthma and lung disease along with headaches and fatigue.

   2.      Weight Gain Toxins:

To stay thin and fit, your cells need to be cleaned regularly.  But when your cells are dragged down by toxins that lurk in fattening, processed foods, they have a harder time turning up your body.  What results is a slower metabolism and “toxic weight gain” that’s often blamed on aging.

   3.      Fatigue Toxins:

Shocking amounts of heavy metals found in our water sources have been linked to fatigue, as well as to other health problems – all of which make us feel even more run-down and tired!  Even your favorite cologne can cause fatigue due to a main ingredient called tuluene, which can trigger headaches, asthma, seizures, birth defects and even cancer?

   4.      High Cholesterol, Blood Pressure & Circulation Toxins:

Pollutants from radiation, fried foods and processed foods can unleash an army of free radicals on your system and trigger dangerous LDL cholesterol levels.what-are-free-radicals

*   Lead in drinking water has been linked to 680,000 cases of high blood pressure.

*   Paints and solvents used in new construction of homes and offices are loaded with       chemicals and gases that can damage your heart, liver, and even your central nervous       system without you knowing it until it’s too late.

   5.      Digestive Toxins:

The FDA lists more than 2,800 food additives, many of which come from sources that are unnatural to our bodies.  These can create a sluggish bowel with nasty symptoms such as abdominal pain, intense gas, constipation, cramps and diarrhea.

The nutrient-stripped convenient foods we’re now used to eating contained hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, dyes, pesticides, sulfur or tar-based additives, and more.

These toxins float into the bloodstream and head straight to your weakest organism – so not only is your digestive system in peril, but your tissues, glands and blood supply suffer from toxic poisoning, too.

   6.      Joint, Muscle & Headache Toxins:

If you suffer from any type of discomfort, yo should be aware that chemical irritations may be the root cause of your pain.

Nerves are irritated by a host of environmental toxins, such as cigarette smoke, prescription drug use and even microscopic allergens in the air and water – all of these cause a chain reaction that often leads to inflammation and migraines.

   7.      Immune System Toxins:

Something as innocent as the “silver” dental fillings you received as a child quietly release mercury, tin, copper and zinc into your body and drag down your immune system.

Breast cancer has been attributed to pesticides in foods.

Even worse, more than 10,000 bladder and rectal cancer cases each year can be attributed to trihalomethanes found in tainted water supplies.

Doctors across the country agree that the best way to get healthy is to


It’s best to discuss your issues with a doctor who specializes in NATURAL HealthCare.  Although, there are many different products available in local stores, using the right, natural, bioidentical, pharmaceutical grade product will give you the end results you no doubt  desire.  Don’t experiment with your health – INVEST IN YOU – YOUR WORTH IT!cat-toxin


Dr. Rhonda – always wanting you to remember how important it is to –

Plan for Tomorrow’s Good Health – TODAY!”™

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Label GMOs!


gmo-food-pesticidesWe’re at a tipping point in the fight to label GMOs and prevent the
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Rat-Tumor-Monsanto-GMO-Cancer-Study-3-WideYou deserve to know what’s in your food, and what kind of farming
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