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Did you know … that new research is saying that the secret to shedding pounds easily – and keeping them off is to NOT cut out fats or carbohydrates? I sure many of you have discovered this on your own! And I’ve been saying this for year, since I’ve lived the hell of obesity (311 pounds) – they ought to ask some of us what has worked – what an intelligent concept!


Hi Everyone – I’ve started my own online radio show and am very excited to be able to share who I am and what I do.  So many are frustrated about what is good health, what should I eat, what vitamins do I really need.  Well – I have good news for you – I’m going to answer all these questions and so much more if you  just keep listening.  It’s my passon to help those who serously are ready to take responsibility for their own health – NATURALLY!  Click the link below and enjoy an introduction.  Share me with your friends and family:  www.drhenry.com.

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It’s Not About FAT – It’s About YOUR HEALTH!

As a child I was chronically overweight, and discovered early on the pains and trauma associated with obesity.  When I was a baby, they said “it was only baby fat.”  But baby, the fat onlyDr.Rhonda Before_After pdf


I tried every crash diet, fad, gimmick and con in the books.  The frustration and failures only worsened with each attempt.  My problems drove me into low self-esteem and depression which only furthered my eating disorder.

After learning how to eat my way into a healthier lifestyle (instead of eating myself into an early grave) I can honestly say that after weighing 311 pounds and wearing size 26 ½, my credibility is obvious as my picture attached will prove.   What’s more important is that I’ve maintained a size 10-12 for the best part of my life.

Now to my passion!  Although I have a Family Practice, as soon as the holidays come around I remember the weight I used to put on – and how every year I made that New Years Resolution, this time it’s going to work, I’m ready, I’m motivated, I bought the gym membership and the Danskins.

But to no end.

That’s why my desire is to first tell those who have a few extra pounds or are obese like I was that it’s not your fault.  Shock!

Vegas 2011-2 It’ Not About FAT! 

It’s Not About PAIN!


And because it’s about HEALTH it doesn’t take me long to find the CAUSE of the SYMPTOMS!

We are not one-size-fits-all – that only works for advertisers.  We are as unique as our fingerprints and when you take the time and listen, my patient’s usually tell me all I need to know to put the right individualized program together to help them to LOOK and FEEL GREAT!  

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