The Benefits of Nutritional Science

The First Step is the Most Important:

Your initial consultion begins with an intake questionnaire that asks as series of simple but informative questions and only takes about 15 minutes.

We will discuss the indications of the questionnaire in easy to understand terms that will give you a great deal of insight into the science of nutrition.Dr. Henry's HealthTest This is where I share my methods and my recommended course of action.

If everything makes sense to you will pay for the recommended program and we will begin immediately.

The 15 Day Program:

The program begins by requesting a comprehensive lab workup from blood and urine samples. Allergies, Candida, Amino Acid levels are  among the indicators considered before suggesting individual courses of treatment.

A very detailed questionnaire will be provided for you to complete at home where you can take your time and answer the questions to the best of your ability. You will also be given a kit with instructions for thyroid and iodine at-home testing.

A MEAS (Meridian Energy Analysis System) test using Chinese Medicine technology will be performed during an office visit.

Features  of  Dr. Henry’s HealthTest©):


The questionnaire address all of the body systems. Dr Henry analyzes every submission and in some cases will provide computer analysis for patient review. Blood and urine is tested for more than 100 indicators, including over 20 for trace minerals and toxic metals.

Complete analysis of the data takes 2-3 weeks from time of lab draw. The result will be an individualized food and supplement program.  Expect to spend about 90 minutes going over the results in easy to understand terms the specifics of your new food program including, shopping for and preparing your food. A moderate exercise program will also be individualized and recommended.

This is a solid foundation to good health especially if allergies or Candida are found to be issues. Explaining the various nutrients that will help you reach optimal good health through your new food program is important to your success. At this time we will also take blood pressure, weight and other measurements.

After it is clear how to Many other things like food-combining, digestive issues, and other personal issues will be discussed so that the you feel comfortable with your new lifestyle program. The most important thing to remember is that the more compliant – the faster the results.

A Plan for Tomorrow’s Good Health – TODAY!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Dr. Rhonda Henry

Dr. Henry’s HealthTest© is regularly                            $225.00

Test Normally:

Online Radio Shows Special                                   $ 99.00

Supplement Plan by Dr. Henry                             $35.00

HealthTest + Supplement Plan:                                        $134.00

.           Dr. Henry’s HealthTest©

Radio Show Special:                                                              $ 125.00

(office visits  thru 5/31/13)

Personalized Consultation with Dr. Henry                     $225.00

(Radio Show Special)

Thyroid/Iodine At-Home Kit                                              $18.00

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The Radio Special Ends May 31,2013 at midnight!

Doctor of Nutritional Science

Certified Traditional Chinese Practitioner

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