Christian Family HealthCare:

CH2What is Medi-Share?

Medi-Share is a community of more than 129,000 Christians who follow the biblical model of sharing and paying each other’s medical bills much like the early church did 2,000 years ago.  Members of this not-for-profit ministry live healthy biblical lifestyles, which keeps costs down-family options are about $300 per month.  This 7 levels of sharing, you’ll find flexible convenient choices to fit your family.

Medi-Share is Christians Making a Difference.

Since 1993, Medi-Share members have shared more than $1.1 billion in healthcare expenses.Christian Family H

Instead of monthly premiums, which are skyrocketing nationwide, Medi-Share members share in each other’s medical bills and on average pay significantly less for healthcare.  Members also pray for and send notes of encouragement to each other.

If the federal healthcare reform mandate has you seeking a wise and God-honouring choice for your healthcare, you’ll find it in Medi-Share.  Medi-Share members have a special provision in the law and are exempt from the requirement to purchase costly health insurance or face penalties!

Request a Free Information Guide.

You will receive the Medi-Share Information packet by mail within a few days of ordering.  If you would prefer to receive information by email only, let the operator know.  Only legal residents of wthe U.S. who don’t use tobacco can apply.


Please understand that I have no affiliation with Medi-Share – just received the information and anything to keep us away from big government – and legal – I’m into sharing.

As most of my readers know – in the United States we don’t have HealthCare – unfortunately, all we have is Sickness Care because of what those in power allow to be sold to innocent citizens.

It’s never too early, or too late to – Plan for Tomorrow’s Good Health – TODAY!(TM)

Dr. Rhonda

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