Good Sex Requires Proper Nutrition!

 FOR MEN (And those who care about them)

Good Sex 1A satisfying sex life requires a healthy body, which depends on sound nutrition, exercise, and sufficient rest.  For the most part, sexual function is controlled by the endocrine glands, which secrete specific hormones.  In order to function properly and produce sufficient hormones, these glands have certain nutritional needs.

The pituitary gland has both direct and indirect effects on sexual and reproductive functions.  Its hormones need the B-complex vitamins, pantothenic acid, niacin, vitamin E and zinc.  Any deficiency of the pituitary causes underdeveloped sex organs, and impotence in men.

The adrenal glands, produce a small but significant amount of sex hormones.  These glands need vitamin A, the B vitamins, pantothenic acid, vitamin B-1, niacin, vitamin C and E, and the unsaturated fatty acids.  Adrenal exhaustion can result in little strength or desire for sex.  An inadequately supplied thyroid can also cause a lack of desire or strength for sex.  Iodine, the V vitamins, vitamin B-1, and vitamin E are essential for the production of its hormone, thyroxine.

Good sex 2The male sex gland, the testes, are composed of 2 glands; one secretes testosterone and the other produces sperm.  (Testosterone increased sexual desire in both sexes.)  Vitamins A, C, E, and folic acid work with testosterone to produce sperm and other male characteristics such as a deep voice and facial hair.  The nutrient content of sperm includes calcium, magnesium, zinc, sulfur, and vitamin B-12, C, and inositol.  A deficiency of vitamin E causes a degeneration of the testicles; too-low levels of zinc result in immovable, useless and infertile sperm.  In male laboratory animals, a manganese deficiency causes loss of sex drive, lack of semen, and degeneration of the seminal tubules.  Testosterone levels proportionately decrease with the amount of marijuana smoked.

The sex hormones are made from cholesterol.  Cholesterol-containing foods need not be limited as long as the body has sufficient amounts of the other nutrients needed to properly metabolize the cholesterol.  These include wthe vitamins B-complex, C, and E, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and lecithin.  Refined and processed foods are greatly lacking in these nutrients; in their absence cholesterol is unable to enter wthe cells and remains in the blood, eventually helping to form plaques.

Good sex 3

Impotence, the male’s inability to achieve erection of the penis has been related to a magnesium or a combined zinc and vitamin B-6 deficiency.  Other factors associated with impotence are emotional problems, physical illness such as diabetes, and the intake of drugs and alcohol.  Although levels of testosterone decrease with age, this doesn’t cause erectile impotence because the penis requires only minimal amounts of the hormone for successful operation.

Sterility can occur in the male and is often the result of a zinc deficiency.  Studies have shown that the higher the blood histamine level is in men, the quicker the ejaculation.  Men too low in histamine can’t achieve ejaculate prematurely.

Good sex 5

Sexual desire and performance can be adversely affected by numerous things including drugs, alcohol, cigarette smoking, caffeine, some common medicines such as certain tranquilizers, anti-hypertensives, and anticholinergics.

Perhaps you can see more clearly now that no general diet. can ever hope to give you what you need and no expert can generalize about nutrition and give you the specifics you must have to effect a major change in health, and I’ve only discussed one issue today.  It’s important to understand that your individual differences required the correct and specific nutritional program that will take into consideration:

            *   your age

            *   genetic individuality

            *   any existing health problems,   and

*   the nutritional needs unique to YOU, as a man


Sex 6To Conclude:

Nutrient deficiencies are an epidemic in our society and it’s vital to find out where you stand so that you can become nutrient sufficient.  To this end, in a few weeks you will have the opportunity of checking out my “heart project” it’s called; Dr. Henry’s HealthTest© .  It’s helped thousands of people over the years, recently, completely updated, including its copywrite and for the first time I’m offering it to the general public so that we can all –

STOP, The Food & Vitamin Guessing Game!(TM)  Each test is individually designed based on the answers you give. Not only that, but if you’re low or very-low in any nutrient you will receive a complete explanation and a list of foods in that particular category.  If that’s not enough – I will design the right food program for you, again, based on your answers and you won’t have to count calories, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, etc.  I’ve done all the work for you .and so much more.Good sex4

Who but an ex-311 pounder could have thought of all this?

Now you have no excuses – that is – if you’re interested in – Planning for Tomorrow’s Good Health – TODAY!(TM)

Dr. Rhonda



B Vitamins Prevent Macular Degeneration:CVD2

More good news in the B Vitamin department:  Data from the Women’s Antioxidant and Folic Acid Cardiovascular Study (WAFAC), involving more than 5,400 women with cardiovascular disease or risk factors, showed that supplementation with a combination of folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 reduced the 7-year incidence of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) by one-third.

CVD3The women were randomized to placebo or a combination of folic acid (2.5 mg/day), vitamin B6 (50 mg/day) and vitamin B12 (1 mg/day), as part of a cardiovascular risk reduction intervention.  All of the patients were over age 40, and two-thirds of them had histories of cardiovascular disease.  The remainder had three or more CVD risk factors.

In a sub-analysis to determine whether B vitamins lowered the incidence, the researchers found that with an average follow-up of 7 years, the incidence of AMD was 3% in the placebo group versus 2% in the B vitamin group.  Forty-four of the placebo-treated women developed “visually significant” AMD versus only 26 of those taking B vitamins.

We know that elevated levels are associated with increased risk for AMD and B vitamins lower homocysteine.  The current study suggests that supplementation with these 3 B vitamins can lower the risk for AMD, although it’s not clear if this benefit is directly related to homocysteine-lowing or is attributable to some other mechanism(s).

In this writer’s opinion it is always best to start with a complete B vitamin complex, you are still low or very-low in any vitamin after a couple of months then, and only then should you increase.

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kid_fast_foodMalnutrition is the foundation of ALL Diseases!

Starvation is NOT a third world problem.  It’s an American tragedy.  The people in Africa don’t have enough volume of food.  We Americans have plenty of “food,” but it’s empty food.

The food we eat produces plenty of calories and energy, but it’s almost completely devoid of nutrition which is vital to our survival.

Nutrition deficiencies has long-term effects and it’s well hidden.  If food tastes good, conceals hunger and produces calories and energy, we feel ok for a time.  But if nutrition is missing and even with full bellies, we begin to starve.

There’s no greater illusion and deception than empty foods; that is, foods without nutrition.  No standing army is as dangerous to the American people as the giant commercial food industry that makes and sells billions of dollars worth of foodless foods.  This is a conspiracy that no one suspects.  And when the food processors “add back vitamins,” they are synthetics, not whole food complexes as found in nature.

Where is the proof?  Well, the proof is that nutrition is used for therapy throughout the world.

Nearly Every Human Health Problem Has a Nutritional Remedy:

smart corn

For example, it’s universally known that vitamin A, and do note that there is a different between beta-carotene which can’t be converted to vitamin A by those of us who have  an autoimmune disease, such as Hypothyroidism, which by the way is epidemic today and seldom diagnosed which is eye food and without it there you would develop night blindness.

If I caught your interest when I mentioned Hypothyroidism – check out a couple of shows on the subject on my online radio show which will give you a great deal of information.,

Anemia is due to an iron deficiency along with B vitamin deficiency.

Heart problems are prevented and relieved by adequate vitamin E and vitamin B and others.

So, if Nutrition Heals, Then Malnutrition Kills:

Maternal-malnutritionYou probably know that doctors recommend folic acid for pregnant mothers to avert spinal bifida.  Folic acid is essential nutrition to unborn babies, as well as you and me.  Folic acid along with B-12 prevents or cures pernicious anemia, a serious malady that can kill you.

And it goes on and on and still medical orthodoxy plays down the connection of nutrition and health.  Then there are others selling supplements without any credential or formal training on the subject.   Most  don’t know what they should be buying for their own nutritional deficiencies.

Do you go to the shoemaker if you have a heart condition?  I think not!

Do you fix your car – or do you take it to a reliable mechanic?  It’s only a car – do you need it if you’re dead?  No!   It’s time to stop buying until you actually know what you’re body is nutrient deficient in and then and only then can a properly balanced a supplement program that will actually do you good.

You can’t depend on orthodox medicine if you want to live a long and healthy life.  You must take matters into your own hands.  It’s your right!  Do your homework!  Take responsibility for your own health!  You can start today by ordering Dr. Henry’s HealthTest©).

Are YOU Starving To Death? You May Be Without Even Knowing It!

A good diet promotes good health and prevents the onset of disease.  Unfortunately, most Americans don’t have a good diet and therefore are very likely to be deficient in nutrition that is essential for their health.childhoodobesity1

One of the greatest crises of the 20th century was the flu epidemic of 1918. This epidemic killed more people than all the wars of this century together.  75 million people died.  The truth is that they didn’t die of the flu.   They got the flu because of mass malnutrition and disease.  The first World War had monopolized the food supplies, leaving scant supplies of nutritional food for the population in the United States and Europe.

Four years of war exhausted and starved (because of malnutrition) millions and millions of people.  They were now so highly susceptible to diseases as many are today.

There are 2 kinds of starvation:

  1.      The starvation that comes about because of no food at all.

  2.      The second and more insidious starvation is progressive malnutrition over a period of time.

Many seniors today die of pneumonia and the medical establishment can do nothing about it because they refuse to recommend nutrition in the way of proper food choices and supplementing with nutrients to deal with their nutrient deficiencies – most only know about writing another toxic prescription for the current symptom(s).  And they won’t hire a qualified clinical nutritionist (not a dietician).

There is a second problem with malnutrition.  It has to do with the great illusion and myth that synthetic vitamins and/or natural isolated vitamins will supplement one’s diet and support the immune system, as well as promote general good health.  This is only partially true.

The science of food  today is based on chemistry.  There are some in the commercial vitamin industry in America producing and selling counterfeit vitamins.  They’re capitalizing on public gullibility with the deception that isolated food factors or synthetic vitamins are nutritional and healthy.

Obese-manThe commercial food industry supplies a vast amount of colorfully packaged foods that produce calories and energy but contain no nutritionSo-called food without nutrition is no better than starvation.  We call it full belly starvation.

The simple answer to the lack of nutrition in the American diet is supplementation with whole food complexes.  I’m talking about live whole food complexes which contain live nutrition for live people.  What a concept!

About Dr. Henry’s HealthTest©) using body-language (how you’re feel currently) will not only let you know what nutrients you’re normal, low or very-low in, but will give you clear understanding about that particular nutrient as well as listing whole foods you should include in your food program to aid in reaching optimal nutritional balance.  A guide to purchasing supplements designed to fit your individual needs.  You will also receive 2-customized food programs – no counting calories, protein, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, etc, Dr. Henry has done all the work for you.  All you have to do is EAT – What a concept.

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Lack of Folic Acid Linked to Behavioral Problems in Children:

folic acid and kids 

Folate deficiency during pregnancy may be associated with an increase in behavioral problems later in a child’s life while on the other hand, supplementation early in pregnancy may significantly reduce this risk.

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