Fat Consumption Triggers Craving Chemicals |

Recent studies have revealed potato chips and french fries to be the worst contributors to weight gain – and with good reason. Have you ever wondered why you can’t eat just one chip or a single fry? It’s not just the carbohydrates at fault. These were my 2 favorites, no wonder I go to 311 pounds – see, it wasn’t my fault.


Did you know – That I want you all to Stop eating “junk food” – and start eating healthy!  The national center for Health Statistics reports that 34 out of 100 American adults 20 years of age and older ,,, that’s over 60 million people are obese. That means they’re 30 of more pounds over a healthy body weight.
Ironically, while our stomachs are full – even bulging – our bodies are malnourished and starved for vital nutrients … simply because we don’t eat right.  But the good news is: you don’t have to be fat – or sick – or unhealthy – or malnourished any longer – because right now, because my personalized HealthTest(c) can help you make better, healtheir eating choices – at the grocery store, in the kitchen, or when dining out.
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