Overweight & Obesity in Children:

The number of overweight U.S. children is increasing.


According to the National Center for Health Statistics indicate 15% of children ages 6 to 18 were overweight, up  6%, 15% of youngsters ages 6 to 19 and 10% of children 2 through 5 were considered seriously overweight.  Sources: AHA, NIH, CDC, NHNES.

Obesity in children has become a top priority for health professionals in the United States.  More than two-thirds of Americans are overweight and 30% suffer from obesity, but there has been a dramatic increase in childhood obesity.  In the United States, the percentage of overweight or obese children has doubled over the past 30-years to 25% of the under -19 year old population.

Overweight and obesity are caused by an imbalance between food consumption and energy expenditure and experts agree that this is probably due to changes in diets as they’re increasingly high in fat and carbohydrates.  According to Dr. Francine Kaufman, former president of the American Diabetes Association and head of pediatric endocrinology at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, children are increasingly exposed to genetic and environmental “triggers” that can lead to obesity and possibly diabetes.

fitness-farm-complications-of-childhood-obesityThe American Academy of Pediatrics, which represents American pediatricians, points out that obesity isn’t something called “body mass index” (or BMI), a mathematical formula that takes into account both the child’s weight and height The increasing percentage of children suffering from obesity has put children at risk for complications of obesity both in childhood and adult life.  A child who is overweight has a greater chance of becoming an overweight adult.  A teen with “baby” fat has a 75% plus chance of becoming overweight, putting them at high risk for diabetes, heart problems, cancer, high blood pressure and other serious diseases.  High cholesterol has even been discovered in some toddlers today.

Don’t forget, I was a chubby baby, fat child, and graduated to an obese adult topping at 311 pounds.Features-SMH

The Academy has proposed a number of approaches to help reduce the growing epidemic of obesity among American children.  This includes that physicians should regularly track each child’s BMI to more efficiently recognize excessive weight gain in relation to height.  It has also proposed that families should be educated to understand the important impact they have on their children’s development of lifelong habits of nutritious eating and regular physical activity.

Dietary practices should encourage moderate eating rather than over-consumption and rather than trying to control children’s eating practices, parents should encourage healthful choices; for example, nutritious snacks can include vegetables and fruit, *low-fat” dairy foods, and *whole grains,” as mentioned in the proposals put forward by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

According to a recent U.S. study, children who suffer from migraine headaches are 36% more likely to be overweight.

fatkid2 To Conclude:

Instead of treating us like one-size-fits-all, it’s time that they (powers that be), understood that we’re as unique as our fingerprints, and no 1 or 2 programs will work for the masses.

Until people find out where they may be nutrient deficient, and work towards becoming nutrient sufficient you can’t win the battle!

Allergy testing is so very important and I can honestly say – it changed my life – I sadly found out that everything I liked at the beginning of my journey, yes even the so-called healthier foods – I was either intolerant to, or allergic to.  But once I decided I wanted to live and not die – I changed one thing a week and that worked for me.  It was only a couple of weeks when I started feeling some of my symptoms retreat – and that, you know, was great encouragement for me – as I know it can be for many of YOU!

Another reason allergy testing, in my opinion is so important is because you don’t want to be feeding, what may be a very good food to someone who has an intolerance or allergy to it.  Being a Doctor of Nutritional Science I look at the whole picture and suffering for half of my life has given me insight that many other professionals only read about – I’ve had to live it – which today becomes a blessing to those I work with!fatkid3

My approach is to work with the whole family.  You don’t have a fat child without the help of the parents, grandparents, etc.  Health is a “family affair” and because I have lived the life – my approach is more personal as I teach each person in the family to care for each others good health.

Once I plan your personal roadmap – they each have assignments which affect each other, and so they become “health buddies” – from the youngest to the oldest.  It’s very exciting to see the kids start teaching their parents what nutrients are in an apple or help them remember how to “food combine” properly.

FatKidParents, it took you 9 month waiting for this ‘love child’ – isn’t it worth taking at least that same amount of time to feed them properly?  It’s called a “kitchen” and you all participate – help your kids to be well by seeing that you’re not putting poisonous, chemicals into their bodies.  If grandmother couldn’t buy it – nor should you.

Something to think about – it isn’t happening to the other kids – today, it’s happening two many!

It’s not about the FAT,

It’s about YOUR HEALTH!

Isn’t it time for you to start – Planning for Tomorrow’s Good Health  – TODAY!(TM)

Dr. Rhonda


Good Sex Requires Proper Nutrition!

 FOR MEN (And those who care about them)

Good Sex 1A satisfying sex life requires a healthy body, which depends on sound nutrition, exercise, and sufficient rest.  For the most part, sexual function is controlled by the endocrine glands, which secrete specific hormones.  In order to function properly and produce sufficient hormones, these glands have certain nutritional needs.

The pituitary gland has both direct and indirect effects on sexual and reproductive functions.  Its hormones need the B-complex vitamins, pantothenic acid, niacin, vitamin E and zinc.  Any deficiency of the pituitary causes underdeveloped sex organs, and impotence in men.

The adrenal glands, produce a small but significant amount of sex hormones.  These glands need vitamin A, the B vitamins, pantothenic acid, vitamin B-1, niacin, vitamin C and E, and the unsaturated fatty acids.  Adrenal exhaustion can result in little strength or desire for sex.  An inadequately supplied thyroid can also cause a lack of desire or strength for sex.  Iodine, the V vitamins, vitamin B-1, and vitamin E are essential for the production of its hormone, thyroxine.

Good sex 2The male sex gland, the testes, are composed of 2 glands; one secretes testosterone and the other produces sperm.  (Testosterone increased sexual desire in both sexes.)  Vitamins A, C, E, and folic acid work with testosterone to produce sperm and other male characteristics such as a deep voice and facial hair.  The nutrient content of sperm includes calcium, magnesium, zinc, sulfur, and vitamin B-12, C, and inositol.  A deficiency of vitamin E causes a degeneration of the testicles; too-low levels of zinc result in immovable, useless and infertile sperm.  In male laboratory animals, a manganese deficiency causes loss of sex drive, lack of semen, and degeneration of the seminal tubules.  Testosterone levels proportionately decrease with the amount of marijuana smoked.

The sex hormones are made from cholesterol.  Cholesterol-containing foods need not be limited as long as the body has sufficient amounts of the other nutrients needed to properly metabolize the cholesterol.  These include wthe vitamins B-complex, C, and E, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and lecithin.  Refined and processed foods are greatly lacking in these nutrients; in their absence cholesterol is unable to enter wthe cells and remains in the blood, eventually helping to form plaques.

Good sex 3

Impotence, the male’s inability to achieve erection of the penis has been related to a magnesium or a combined zinc and vitamin B-6 deficiency.  Other factors associated with impotence are emotional problems, physical illness such as diabetes, and the intake of drugs and alcohol.  Although levels of testosterone decrease with age, this doesn’t cause erectile impotence because the penis requires only minimal amounts of the hormone for successful operation.

Sterility can occur in the male and is often the result of a zinc deficiency.  Studies have shown that the higher the blood histamine level is in men, the quicker the ejaculation.  Men too low in histamine can’t achieve ejaculate prematurely.

Good sex 5

Sexual desire and performance can be adversely affected by numerous things including drugs, alcohol, cigarette smoking, caffeine, some common medicines such as certain tranquilizers, anti-hypertensives, and anticholinergics.

Perhaps you can see more clearly now that no general diet. can ever hope to give you what you need and no expert can generalize about nutrition and give you the specifics you must have to effect a major change in health, and I’ve only discussed one issue today.  It’s important to understand that your individual differences required the correct and specific nutritional program that will take into consideration:

            *   your age

            *   genetic individuality

            *   any existing health problems,   and

*   the nutritional needs unique to YOU, as a man


Sex 6To Conclude:

Nutrient deficiencies are an epidemic in our society and it’s vital to find out where you stand so that you can become nutrient sufficient.  To this end, in a few weeks you will have the opportunity of checking out my “heart project” it’s called; Dr. Henry’s HealthTest© .  It’s helped thousands of people over the years, recently, completely updated, including its copywrite and for the first time I’m offering it to the general public so that we can all –

STOP, The Food & Vitamin Guessing Game!(TM)  Each test is individually designed based on the answers you give. Not only that, but if you’re low or very-low in any nutrient you will receive a complete explanation and a list of foods in that particular category.  If that’s not enough – I will design the right food program for you, again, based on your answers and you won’t have to count calories, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, etc.  I’ve done all the work for you .and so much more.Good sex4

Who but an ex-311 pounder could have thought of all this?

Now you have no excuses – that is – if you’re interested in – Planning for Tomorrow’s Good Health – TODAY!(TM)

Dr. Rhonda



6-Foods For Your Cravings:  

Good with foodWhile experts agree that eating healthy meals and avoiding snacks during the day helps keep your weight in check, there are exceptions to the rule…

Choosing snacks that are rich in healthy fat and fiber helps keep craving at bay so you’ll actually eat less at meals. About 5-minutes after fat enters the stomach, a hormone called enterogastrone is released, causing it to empty at a much slower rate.  Thus you feel fuller longer.

The effect of fiber as a hunger suppressant actually starts the moment you take a bite.  Foods full of fiber: think apples or whole grain bread – require more work to chew.  Increased chewing slows down your eating so your body has more time to realize it’s full, so you eat less.

If you’re trying to lose weight, but find yourself plagued by hunger pangs, there are certain foods that can help you curb your appetite.

Foods to help to fight hunger:

1.     Almonds and avocados:slim food

A handful of almonds or half an avocado on whole grain toast calms the appetite quickly.

Tea_leaves_steeping_in_a_zhong_čaj_052.      Green tea:

Green tea contains EGCG, a chemical that has been proven in studies to curb the appetite.  Stay away from sugary bottled brands and brew your own green tea from bags or loose-leaf tea.

3.      Spicy foods:

Just one spicy buffalo wing or a piece of Kung Pao chicken can actually suppress your appetite.  Even though these are high-calorie foods you will eat less in the long-term.

4.      Coffee:

Just like drinking a glass of water before a meal temporarily signals fullness to your stomach, research shows that coffee works the same way.  But coffee also contains caffeine, which boosts metabolism and suppresses appetite.

5.      Fatty fish:fishoil265__205440247

Not only are fish like salmon, sardines, and herring rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, they also suppress hunger by altering the body’s level of the hormone leptin.  Leptin is the hormone that tells your body that it’s full so you’ll stay sated longer. I often snack on shrimp, squeeze some fresh lemon and dip (easy) in seafood sauce.

6.      Lean protein:foods to consider

For my personal snacks I like high-protein foods.  Eggs, turkey or chicken slices, tofu and others can provide a prolonged sense of fullness without the swings in blood sugar that carbs create.

These 6 things can help flush fats out of your body.  If your interested in losing weight I want to offer you a couple of suggestions.

1.      If you order my individualized HealthTest© – along with finding out where you’re nutrient deficiency and being able to help your body become nutrient sufficient.

You will, from your answers receive a personal food program, designed according to the answers you supplied.  This has helped thousand of folks.

2.      I have my Personal Quick-Weight-Loss Program available.  Two options:  Lose faster or slower – but you will have easy-to-follow directions.

If you want to understand why your overweight or obese – take the time to listen to my archived online radio show, entitled: Lose Weight PERMANENTLY By Eating!™ You will be enlightened, for sure!

It’s NOT about Your FAT – It’s About YOUR HEALTH! 

Dr. Rhonda

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inhibitsHigh doses…

…of the turmeric extract curcumin were shown to be a safe therapeutic agent when used with gemcitabine-based chemotherapy in patients with gemcitabine resistant pancreatic cancer.

 When you are nutrient sufficient your immune system is strong and that eliminates illness and disease.


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