JFoodA plethora of previous studies suggest deleterious effects of routine consumption of fat-or sugar-laden foods.

Margaret J. Morris, from the University of New South Wales (Australia), and colleagues studies the impact on a diet high in fat and sugar on laboratory rats.

Mitchell 07.10.12

The researchers observed that such foods results in memory impairment, after just 1-week.

eating ignorance

Specifically, the cognitive impairment was related to place recognition – where the animals showed poor ability to notice when an object has been moved to a new location.

The animals also had inflammation of the hippocampal region of the brain, which is associated with spatial memory.

Study authors report that: “These results show that relatively short exposures to diets rich in both fat and sugar or rich in sugar, impair … memory … and suggest a role for oxidative stress and neuroinflammation in this impairment.”Junk-Food

So, I think it’s time we think this or that condition is going to happen to someone else, when in reality – if you don’t change some of your ways – you will be unable to live a healthy, happy, long life, and that would be a real shame.

Dr. Rhonda

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Replace Canola Oil

bad canolaMost people thought canola oil should be healthy, but in fact canola oil is one of the worst foods available.

When you buy any alkaline cookbooks, you’ll never see canola oil in the ingredient list.  And there is a pretty good reason behind it.

The main reason why canola oil is not healthy is because the canola oil found in supermarkets has been heavily processed.  From the website of a canola oil manufacturer, whc-oils.com, they indicated that “The refining process involves degumming, neutralization, drying, bleaching, and deodorization.”  How tasty is this information?  Not!

And this is what really makes it unhealthy.canola-oil

This applies to the rest of the vegetable oils (sunflower oil, corn oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, safflower oil, flaxseed oil).

Due to heavy processing and refining, it creates a high level of instability in the previously beneficial fatty acids.  These molecules become extremely fragile, causing some of these vegetable oils to go rancid very easily, especially when exposed to heat.

what-are-free-radicalsAnd it’s not just when used for cooking that they’re exposed to heat.  When consumed, high temperatures inside the body are enough to cause fatty acids to oxidize, producing free radicals.

Try leaving canola oil out in the open for a week and you’ll notice that it turns rancid.

Having discuss all the bad things about canola oil, you still can use canola oil when it’s unprocessed.  Look for the organic or “cold pressed” canola oil when you do your shopping.

When the oil is cold pressed, it means that the oil is obtained through pressing and grinding fruit seeds with the use of heavy granite millstones or modern stainless steel presses, which are found in large commercial operations.

Otherwise it’s better to use other cooking oils.  So what should you use?antioxidants-and-free-radicals


    *      Extra virgin olive oil –

I don’t recommend cooking with this oil as it has low smoke point.  But it’s suitable as a salad dressing that will make your salad delicious.

   *       Coconut oil –

In my opinion, this is my favourite oil for cooking.  It has higher smoke point than olive oil and it tastes good too.  Besides cooking, it has plenty of other uses as well.

Hey we all like to eat, especially me, but just try to make a few changes, one a week or even a month will start to pay of sooner than you could imagine.  I know you’re worth it!  Do YOU??

Dr. Rhonda

Like anything else, you have to –

Plan for Tomorrow’s Good Health – TODAY!


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Try 10 Slimming Foods:

You know how you can put on a couple of pounds by just looking at a cheeseburger and fries?  Well, some foods have the opposite effect, helping you burn extra energy – and keep weight off – just by eating them.BlackBoardSlimming

Better still, these slimming foods don’t all taste like grass or rice cakes (which I happen to like); these are real, delicious and satisfying foods – foods that you might even be craving right now.  So go ahead and indulge.  With food options like these it’s easy to eat right – and lose weight while you’re at it.   But if you need specific help, you know how to find me.

Note: I would suggest if you want the full value of these foods that you buy organic and/or range-fed.

Sweet Potatoes

Swapping out your white potatoes for a sweet potato is a great move, waste-wise, as animal studies suggest that sweet potatoes help to stabilize your blood sugar levels and lower insulin resistance, which can help you fight fat.

fat and muscle



Oranges are rich in flavones, and a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that women who ate the most flavones had a lower increase in body fat over a 14-year period!


U.S. Department of Agriculture, researchers have found that eating one-quarter to one teaspoon of cinnamon with food can boost your metabolism 20-fold, by making your fat cells more responsive to insulin.  So sprinkle cinnamon in your apple cider, tea, on your whole-grain toast or in a bowl of oatmeal … it’s also tasty in coffee and yogurt.

Hot Peppers

Adding red chili peppers to your food “could contribute to the dietary management of obesity,” said Angelo Tremblay, a University Laval obesity nutrition professor.

That’s because capsaicin, the active component in chili peppers, is thought to play a role in curbing appetite and boosting metabolic activity.slim food

“Maybe you can have the same effect with curry, so go to your favorite Indian restaurant,” Tremblay continued.  However, researchers are still trying to determine if this effect, noted in animal studies, applies to humans.


Women who ate red meat lost more weight than women eating equal calories but little beef, a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found.  Not only is this protein great for your muscles, your body burns about 10 calories digesting every 100 calories of protein but just 4 calories for the equivalent amount of carbs.  In other words, just the process of digesting protein burns a significantly greater amount of calories, then does digesting other foods.

When it comes to red meat, choosing sources that have been raised in humane, natural ways – which means being raised on pasture, or grass-fed is the healthier choice, according to many experts.  Grass-fed beef has been found to contain less fat and more omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and other beneficial compounds compared to grain-fed beef.


A study from Penn State University found that eating an apple before a pasta dinner helped people eat fewer calories than those who had a different snack.

Part of the benefit likely comes from all the fiber they contain, but apples are also loaded with powerful antioxidants, including quercetin, catechin, phloridzin and chlorogenic acid, protect against breast and colon cancers, prevents kidney stones, and helps to lower bad cholesterol while raising the good kind.  Studies have also found that eating at least 2 apples a week reduces the risk of asthma and type 2 diabetes, and promotes lung health.


This ancient grain contains both fiber and protein, which means it will keep you satisfied longer than other grains like rice.belly fat

Haven’t heard of quinoa before?  Pronounced “keen-wah,” quinoa is actually a relative of leafy green veggies like Swiss chart.  Native to South America, it was once considered the “gold of the Incas” because its high protein content gave warriors stamina.


Avocados have gotten a bad rap for their high fat content (29 grams per avocado), but it’s the fat they contain that will keep you satisfied and feeling full longer.  Plus, avocado is an excellent source of the health monounsaturated fat oleic acid, which has been shown to lower cholesterol and protect against breast cancer.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a healthy fat that increases satiety.  Olives and monounsaturated fats, olives are rich in vitamin E, a fat-soluble antioxidant that neutralizes damaging free radicals, and polyphenols and flavonoids, which have anti-inflammatory properties.

These anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial for your waistline because chronic inflammation is linked to metabolic syndrome.

Mustard and Curry

Tumeric, which lends a characteristic yellow colour to foods like mustard and curry, has been found to slow the growth of fat tissues, according to a study in the journal Endocrinology.

Why Am I Gaining This Weight?


I hear this question almost every day in my office and all day during January and February.

And no wonder.  Despite our best efforts, most women gain weight in peri-menopause – especially around our waist and hips – even if we’re dieting – which of course is not the answer.  Let me suggest you check out my online radio show entitled: Lose Weight PERMANENTLY By Eating – only an ex-311 pounder would be willing to tell you that it’s not your fault!Before & After

Why is this happening to us?  The answer lies in the remarkable links between hormonal balance and body fat.

Before we explore these links, set aside the basic myth behind most diets – that weight control is just a matter of calorie control.  That’s NOT true and it’s misleading, and has made a lot of us suffer unnecessarily.

Weight Loss and Hormonal Balance;


The first and most basic link is between insulin metabolism and body fat.  Most of us eat the conventional low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet, with lots of processed foods (pasta, breads, most snacks, beer and wine, etc.).  Over time this diet commonly creates a condition known as insulin resistance.  When you’re insulin resistant your body converts every calorie it can into fat – even if you’re dieting.  And it won’t let you burn fat when you exercise.

A second basic link is between dis-stress and body fat.  Stress (dis-stress creates illness, pain, disease and often early death) hormones block weight loss.  This is sometimes called the “famine effect”: despite adequate food, the body interprets prolonged dis-stress as a famine, and once again, the body thinks it should store every spare calorie as fat.  Which it does very effectively.  Most women are under tremendous amounts of dis-stress – much of it prolonged and without let-up – which leads to adrenal fatigue and intractable weight gain.  This is the first issue I deal with, always.

These two links work together.  Many of us combine a high-stress life with a low-fat, high-carb diet.  This creates such a powerful hormonal imbalance that weight gain is almost inevitable.  Yo-yo dieting – strict dieting followed by a rebound in weight – will only exacerbate the pattern because it stresses the body and damages your metabolism.

A third link is estrogen loss.  As the estrogen production of your ovaries falls, your body turns to secondary production sites, including body fat, skin, and other organs.  If your body is struggling to maintain its hormonal balance, body fat becomes more valuable.  Of course, if you’re dis-stressed and on a low-fat diet, your body is struggling.  This is a vicious cycle.


A fourth link is the cravings created by high-carb diets.  Because your body can’t readily maintain optimal blood sugar and serotonin levels, you are compelled to have snacks and caffeine to make yourself feel better.  But they only exacerbate your insulin resistance and adrenal exhaustion – another vicious cycle – while adding body fat.

Note that artificial sweeteners are not a solution; they’re part of the problem.  They may lack calorie content, but they mimic sugar so well that the body produces insulin to metabolize them – contributing to insulin resistance.  They actually lower your blood sugar level, which is why most contain caffeine to compensate.

By thinking only of calorie control, we actually starve our bodies of the nutrients we need to maintain health, while signaling our bodies to put on weight.  Neither outcome is desirable!  And you end up feeling defeated and depressed by the whole process – as though willpower had anything to do with it.

My philosophy on weight control is based on what has worked for me personally and my patients for  three decades.  You have to get healthy before you can lose weight.  You can’t lose weight to get healthy.  But if you will heal your body and try to balance your life, you will than find you achieve and maintain your ideal weight and feel great!  Instead of being nutrient deficient, I help you become nutrient sufficient and the body heals itself.   This is the only fight you can lose, and still become a Winner!

Check out my website and listen to some of my online radio shows – you’ll get educated, get tools to help yourself and a lot more.  My shows are educational, often controversial, but always the truth, as I see it.

Dr. Rhonda


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If I can be of further help – just contact me.  In the meantime, please understand the important and starting to –

Plan for Tomorrow’s Good Health – TODAY!

Lose Weight Naturally – TODAY!

As an ex-311 pounder I think I am qualified to write on this subject and more important, help those who are in the struggle, maybe as I was, for half of my life.

Before & After

Weight loss – everybody talks about it, everybody wants to do it, and many people are dying to achieve it.

*       Why is weight loss so complicated?

*       Why doesn’t one program work for everybody?

*       How can you lose weight and maintain or even increase your overall level of health?

Let’s look at these question a little bit more and find out!

Weight loss, like any function in the body, is a complicated mix of neurological, biochemical and physiological processes that must work together in a specific sequence in order for you to lose weight.  Most diets and dietary programs assume that all you must do is tell somebody to eat less and they’ll lose weight.  Anyone that has tried any conventional diet currently out there knows exactly how non-effective this is!  In fact, less than 10% of people that actually do lose weight keep it off with conventional diets.  No wonder we’re all starving for a real way to lose weight (pun intended).

Because weight loss is so dependent on your unique body chemistry and biochemical make-up, no one diet could possibly work for everyone.  In fact, no one diet will work for any two people with the same results.  That’s a pretty bold statement, but take a moment and think about it.  No two people are alike in their biochemical or physiological make-up, not even identical twins.  So how could a diet possibly have the same results on any two people?  The answer is that it can’t. So how do YOU lose weight?  You must find a program that takes into account your unique body chemistry AND addresses all the root causes that have prevented you from losing weight.

You see, weight loss is not just a physical phenomenon.  Yes, the scale tells a story (an it’s pretty loud sometimes), but there are many other physical and non-physical aspects to losing weight. 

            Our feelings, attitudes, self-esteem, social interactions and emotions,

            all play a role in our ability to lose weight and feel good about it.

And they’re just as important as how much you eat or exercise.

In order to truly lose weight and obtain optimal health you MUST follow a program that addresses your entire being,

*       from eating the correct balance of foods

*       to helping you rebalance your body chemistry,

*       to addressing any pre-formed emotional blocks

*       to weight loss or body-image,

*       to designing an exercise program that you can and will actually maintain.

Weight loss is not difficult if you uncover and  address the root causes that are keeping you from your goal weight and getting the help and guidance you need along the way.  Once you do, you’ll be able to enjoy the journey along the natural path to better health and weight loss.

So, the statement and question usually is:

*       I’ve tried everything, what’s new?

*       What should I do?

Let me suggest just a couple of options that may make things easier.  After all, who would know better than an ex-311 pounder.

My scientifically approved, copywriten, individually designed HealthTest©) may be your first step.  Complete this extensive questionnaire and find out if and where you may be  nutrient deficient.

What Will Dr. Henry’s

HealthTest© Tell Me?


   1.      It reveals the possibility of over 50 nutrient changes from normal, with gradation from low to very-low deficiencies.

   2.      It explains in depth how each deficiency symptom can be affecting your current health.

   3.      It reveals foods which have high value in each deficient area.

   4.      You will receive 2 specifically designed food programs, one moderate protein, one high protein.  No counting calories, carbohydrates, fats, protein, fiber, etc.  All the work is done for you – all you have to do is EAT!

   5.      Specific suggestions are offered as to the amount of supplemental nutrients which should be included in your daily regime.  (If your working directly with Dr. Henry, she decides on your needs and balances all accordingly).  Otherwise your personalized computer print-out will suggest supplement needs and amounts that correspond with your answers.

   6.      It will reveal the presence or absence of dis-stress in your life.  Dis-stress brings on illness, pain, disease and often death too early.

   7.      Enzyme deficiencies are easily demonstrated and explained.

   8.      Improper food combining habits are noted and discussed to help increase the nutritional value of the foods you are to eat.

   9.      Excess intake of sugar, coffee, or other deleterious substances are evaluated.

10.     Thus, all vitamin, minerals, enzymes, and protein factors are discussed in an easy to read from your HealthTest© Report, which is all about YOU!

11.     Shopping help, it even walks you through your grocery store and educates you in areas that will help you shop wiser.

And so much more…..

This is an educational approach to finding out what foods you should be eating and why, what supplements you may want to add to your new health program along with moderate exercise suggestions.

How many of you have tried diet after diet and wondered why you can’t lose those unwanted pounds, or you can’t keep the ones you have lost off?  Well, this may not be your fault.  I would suggest you check out my online radio show: :Lose Weight PERMANENTLY By Eating” it will no doubt be an eye-opener, for sure!

You’re probably nutrient deficient and your body is working against you instead of with you to help you reach your health goals.  I would suggest that you take my HealthTest©), and perhaps for the first time as a beginning step, find out what may be going on.

Another option is working directly with me.  Yes, I’m available to personally work with YOU.  I know what it’s like trying to go it alone when you’ve tried so many times before.  Not only do I use my copywriten, scientifically approved, and personalize HealthTest©) in my everyday practice, but I deal with your health issues on a cellular level.  Laboratory work-ups designed with your needs and goals in mind.  After a ninety minute initial consultation, I then suggest a program just for YOU.  No One-size-fits-all programs not available in my practice.

I want you to know something that is vitally important and that is:

It’s Not About YOUR FAT

It is About YOUR HEALTH!

If you’re ready to Invest in YOU

I promise you that there is hope – Look at me!

If you don’t have anyone to help you, know that all my programs are available wherever you live throughout the United States, Canada and Hawaii!  I’ve made sure that you get help if you don’t have the right person already!  Also, I’m more than willing to work with your current healthcare provider.

If you need me – here is my contact information:


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Remember that it’s never too soon to start to –

Plan for Tomorrow’s Good Health – TODAY!

Lose Weight PERMANENTLY By Eating©

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We’re not one-size-fits-all       

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  • Partners in Crime – Obesity & Insulin Resistance
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It’s Not About FAT – It’s About YOUR HEALTH!

As a child I was chronically overweight, and discovered early on the pains and trauma associated with obesity.  When I was a baby, they said “it was only baby fat.”  But baby, the fat onlyDr.Rhonda Before_After pdf


I tried every crash diet, fad, gimmick and con in the books.  The frustration and failures only worsened with each attempt.  My problems drove me into low self-esteem and depression which only furthered my eating disorder.

After learning how to eat my way into a healthier lifestyle (instead of eating myself into an early grave) I can honestly say that after weighing 311 pounds and wearing size 26 ½, my credibility is obvious as my picture attached will prove.   What’s more important is that I’ve maintained a size 10-12 for the best part of my life.

Now to my passion!  Although I have a Family Practice, as soon as the holidays come around I remember the weight I used to put on – and how every year I made that New Years Resolution, this time it’s going to work, I’m ready, I’m motivated, I bought the gym membership and the Danskins.

But to no end.

That’s why my desire is to first tell those who have a few extra pounds or are obese like I was that it’s not your fault.  Shock!

Vegas 2011-2 It’ Not About FAT! 

It’s Not About PAIN!


And because it’s about HEALTH it doesn’t take me long to find the CAUSE of the SYMPTOMS!

We are not one-size-fits-all – that only works for advertisers.  We are as unique as our fingerprints and when you take the time and listen, my patient’s usually tell me all I need to know to put the right individualized program together to help them to LOOK and FEEL GREAT!  

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